Still looking for something?

04 May 2019 by

You know it's somewhere, you know where you saw it last, you can't find it right now. And it's best if you lose a drill like that. Suddenly you need to drill something, you know that the drill is somewhere in the garage, workshop or cellar. So you go for her. And she's nowhere. You dig in a lot of things, but you just don't find what you're looking for. But when you don't need it and you're looking for something else, bet you'll find what you couldn't find last time.
Every thing has its place
Sort your stuff in the shelves from us. On the shelves, you can always find the thing you wanted where you put it. So if someone hasn't been spinning her in the meantime. But that's something else. Each item has its own place. Where you put it on the shelves and shelves, it's up to you. Surely you will always have everything at hand.

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