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Factors Affecting Value of Estate Jewelry

Whether it is jewelry, watch, silver, or anything else, knowing how much your valuables are worth is always sensible and essential. The value of the jewelry, especially those made of gemstone and gold, is on the rise, and therefore, it is vital to keep your appraisal data up to date. In the case you are inheriting jewelry, an appraisal will ensure that there is equitable sharing of the valuables.

An appraisal can be done by a person who is employed at the jewelry shop. Also, it can be done by an independent appraiser. Most of the family would consider appraisal when they want to insure these valuables against any loss. It is vital to note that insurers will only accept independent appraisal. The insurance company will require you to update the estate jewelry appraisal data updated every three years.

During the appraisal of the estate jewelry, various factors will affect its value. Beauty is the primary considerations when it comes to the valuation of jewelry. Its design should be attractive. Material work should be visually pleasing. The size and shape ought to be harmonious for it to have a higher value.

The materials of the jewelry are another primary factor that significantly affects its value. Best materials include gemstone, gold, ruby, red garnet, and many more. The materials should be of very high quality. For instance, a natural sapphire with high clarity, fine color, and which has not been treated will appraise for a very high value.

The craftsmanship also determines the quality and value of the jewelry. Jewelry will have a higher value when it is well made. This means that its components should smoothly fit together. All the mechanical parts of the jewelry, such as the hinges, links, and clasps, should function properly. The details should be well defined. It should also be perfectly textured and polished. The back, front, back, and inside should be well finished being highly valued.

What is the condition of the estate jewelry? The inheritance jewelry will show some tears and wear since it has been in usage for a long time. According to people who know more about jewelry, they claim that little age-related blemishes will make the piece more charming; they add character. However, some conditions will negatively affect the quality of the estate piece. Some of the things that will reduce quality include shanks, broken clasps, cracking, discoloration, thin shanks, and many more.

Finally, the rarity of the jewelry determined how much it is worth in the fair market. Here, you are supposed to think of the supply and demand. If the supply is low and demand will be high, and therefore, the price shall be high. If a particular style or form of jewelry were produced in low quantity at a specific time, it would be rare, and therefore its appraisal value shall be high. However, it is still possible to have rare jewelry being cheap if they do not have high demand.

All the above factors will be used in the appraisal of the estate jewelry. This will determine its fair market value. If you are looking for Estate appraisal jewelry in savannah Georgia, click on this page.

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