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Here’s A Preview of Custom Challenge Coins

It is known that in the first world war, custom challenge coins were introduced for the first time in the air service of the US Army. During that time, an air force officer who was in charge at the time asked to have the gold plated medals so gift them to the pilots who that the specific squad’s insignia. This was the introduction of custom challenge coins.

The most famous custom challenge coins are the navy, marine corps, air force challenge coins and the police. These coins represented several branches, and this directed their designs, shapes, and shades. These medals only cost a few dollars, so they are more associated with the sentimental values they hold. Later on, the main reason for giving these custom challenge coins was enjoined with manifesting honor outstanding performances or to people who improved the spirits of the team.

Custom challenge coins are now worn by people who belong to some organizations or institutions to show they are connected to some specific body. Members who are connected in similar units in either the air force, navy or military display their bond and their unity using custom challenge coins.

These coins have a more major reason which is they can be used for many reasons. Today, custom challenge coins are also a good way of displaying special gratitude to workers or family members for the good work they have done. These outstanding performances could be anything from doing an exemplary job, spending years in either forces or police service or achieving a set target of either sales or anything else. Categories and rankings are some fo the basis that some companies use to design their coins. Today presenting custom challenge coins is customary in most companies because it gives the person receiving the coin a sense of pride. Workers have their morale boosted, and they are encouraged to even work better to maintain that level of excellence that earned them the custom challenge coins.

The medals are also given like marketing devices to promote and brand work for a specific company. If the custom challenge coin is well designed with the slogan and logo displayed and engraved they are excellent handouts in tradeshows or exhibition.

Custom challenge coins are made of any kind of metal and coated with different shades for a dynamic and classy appeal. Other added features are a protective edge or layer that normally boost the coins layout. Custom challenge coins are today being manufactured by so many companies. These companies will do everything for you after you select the color and design and the text to be engraved on your challenge coin. These are classic souveniors which present a great feeling of belonginess.

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